Our commitment to innovation

We apply technology to our production processes in order to reduce the costs of our services and guarantee their punctuality and quality. Some of our resources:

  • Geolocation and fleet monitoring system
  • Screens and operations control centre
  • Analysis and planning of routes (occupation, route…)
  • Control of access to vehicle by authorised passengers
  • Information application for employees’ electronic devices

What do we achieve by introducing this technology into our service?

Fulfilling arrival times

Optimisation of resources and reduction of costs

Increase in safety of passengers

Continuity in clients’ operations by forewarning of incidents on route or employee not collected at stop

Consultation on smartphone of vehicle arrival times at stop

We are also working on two new innovations which will be added to our services


We offer your employees the opportunity to find out what time the bus comes at and the waiting time needed at the collection point. In this way, we aim to prevent unnecessary delays and optimise the collections of workers in order to ensure the client’s production times are fulfilled.


Our technology enables our clients to have presence control in the vehicles; as a result, any employee who uses the transport will be identified by means of a client card. Absence data is available to clients for their comprehensive utilisation: “Daily planning of risk, forecasts…”


At AUTASA, we are committed to continuous technological change as a way of attaining optimisation in the management of service, with the goal of reducing costs and reflecting them in lower prices for clients, and to guaranteeing punctuality of service. At present we have:

  • (OSS) Operations Support System
  • (CANBUS) Online Surveillance System
  • Central Operations Control
  • Planning and resource allocation system