Multinational company specialising in transportation of employees with a great deal of experience in international industries implanted in Morocco.


Designed to guarantee the continuity of the client’s production processes


Most efficient study of collection points and itineraries


We have large fleets, all vehicle sizes and our own garages


Geolocation systems, operation aid systems, presence control systems, video-surveillance and real-time connection with the vehicle

Continuous training in safe, efficient driving, vehicles serviced daily and safety systems for passengers
Multinational company with a history going back for over 125 years and one of the main service agents in Morocco
Professionals with wide-reaching experience in the people transport sector
Autasa is responsible for the transport of the Tanger Med Port Area, the gateway to Morocco that millions of passengers pass through every year and the main maritime route that connects Europe with Africa. It is a hub of logistical and industrial activity.

Tangier and Kenitra are where two of Morocco’s main industrial hives are located, and where multinational companies that manufacture products for the European market have established themselves. Autasa recorded over 17 million trips by employees in 2016.

Finally, Meknes is one of the new sites operated by our company, with growing industrial activity.

We are committed to Technological Innovation with benefits for clients:

  • Operational aid system
  • Operations control centre
  • Driving control and monitoring system
  • System of planning and allocation of resources
  • Real-time control of incidents
  • Immediate response
  • Optimisation in planning
  • Reduction of service costs